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New Economy Dual Station


A dual version of the economy HWN7669UC patient station will be available in a few weeks. The new HWN7679UC dual patient station is a 3-gang device with a speaker and two phono jacks that accept HCE call cords. Each bed will have a unique address. Like the single version, a stainless steel faceplate is included.


Cumula Touch screen Coming Soon


An intensive effort is underway to develop a touch screen computer nurse console for Cumula III Nurse Call. The Windows-style display provides a xxx user interface for displaying multiple calls, system status, etc. Logging of all transactions allows generating reports for viewing onscreen or printing.


In-Line Connector For Nurse Console


If you dislike having to disassemble the Cumula Nurse Console (HCN7636UA) to unplug the cable connectors, there is a solution. An in-line connector kit, model HXN7723UA, is now available to eliminate this time-consuming task. The kit includes mating 18-pin connectors, one of which is already terminated to a cable and connectors that plug into the console headers. Once installed, removing the console is as easy as unplugging the external inline connector, just like an AC-plug!


Infrared Interface Design In Process


HCE is currently developing a data interface to infrared devices. A nurse location function, plus personnel and equipment tracking will be offered for use with a Cumula III Nurse Call system.




The powerful Millennium system has something to offer every facility. Whether a hospital is looking for centralized nurse call operation, or whether an assisted living facility simply wants to keep a record of all nurse call activity, then Millennium is the system of choice. It is extremely flexible in its configurations. Some of the key benefits are:

  • Centralized operation and control of up to 24 Cumula systems

  • Large, clear, easy-to-read display of multiple patient calls, including patient name, assigned staff names, and level of call

  • Logging of all nurse call transactions to a database for subsequent report generation

  • Automatic calculation of average nurse response times

  • Touch screen control for quick and easy screen navigation

The number of different reports that can be generated is also quite impressive. Nurse managers and administrators will have access to so much useful information that they’ll wonder how they ever ran their facility without Millennium!


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