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The PDI Video Controller & Message Generator
Get the ultimate answer to automated video programming and TV messaging.


  • Operates 1 to 15 VCRs
  • Flexible channel programming
  • Program scheduling by day or week
  • Patient or staff education and training
  • Computer hardware and software supplied
  • Simple Windows mouse-driven software operation
  • Full color messages in variety of type sizes and styles
  • No "dead" channels. Screen reverts to Message Generator
  • Controllers can be cascaded, boosting capacity to 240 VCRs

Potential Applications

  • Staff training and development
  • Patient or family education
  • In-service education
  • Management training
  • Classroom education
  • JCHO patient education standards


  • 16 x 16 Audio/Video Matrix Switcher
  • Crosstalk: 70 db isolation at 5MHz
    • Inputs/Outputs:
    • 16 video inputs for composite signals of 1V peak to peak
    • 16 audio inputs
    • 16 video outputs which drive 75 ohm loads
    • 16 audio outputs
    • Each output is driven by its own video amplifier (gain = 2)
  • Computer Interface:
    A single RS-232 port can drive up to 16 individual controllers for a total of 240 input/output audio/video sources. Baud rate is 38,400
  • Hardware:
    • IBM compatible computer with Windows 3.1
    • Standard 101 type keyboard
    • Color VGA monitor and mouse
  • Software
    • Tape Program Manager
    • Message Generator
  • Optional equipment
    • Rack Storage Mount
    • VCRs, televisions


This completely automated audio/video system schedules video tape broadcasting for training, education or entertainment. The Video Controller allows for up to 15 VCRs, laser discs, CD players, or any IR controllable device to be programmed for simultaneous use! Existing IR equipment, like VCRs can be used with The PDi Video Controller and Message Generator. The system can be expanded to control up to 240 units.

Multiple users program videos a day or even a week in advance of the play date with the simple point and click mouse-driven system.

TV channels devoted to video programming revert to a customized message billboard, so there are never dead channels. Channel selection for video programming is flexible because data input can be switched to any output.

Full color backgrounds with a variety of type styles and sizes make the Message Generator's announcements visually exciting on the screen.


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