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Millenium Upgrade

HCE Cumula Nurse Call System

The Cumula Advantage

What do you need for your facility? Lights and tones? Simple Audio-Visual? Complex, large capacity Audio-Visual? Or, how about a system with data management and reporting capabilities? Perhaps you need some of each in different departments? The Cumula line from HCE can address all of your nurse call needs. Thatís right, you can achieve product uniformity throughout your facility!

Not only will Cumula provide just the right level of sophistication for every floor in your hospital, it will also please everyone involved in the use and care of it. Imagine how thrilled your nursing staff will be when every floor has the same basic nurse call system. How about the bio-med techs who maintain the systems - imagine how theyíll feel dealing with only one product. A product that will offer them built-in

self diagnostics, simple and rugged pluggable connectors on every station, even remote diagnostic capability (all on a system known nation-wide for its reliability)! And, no nurse call system will make administrators and nurse managers happier than Cumulaís top-of-the-line, Millennium.

Every single bed in your facility can be tied into this incredibly flexible and powerful management system. You can see with the click of a button what the average nurse response time is by floor, per shift, per level of call, or even for a particular nurse. Now you can set concrete goals to improve patient satisfaction. You can see how many routine calls your staff are handling, as  opposed to emergency level calls. With this information, youíll know which floors or shifts need additional personnel and which floors may be over staffed with RNís. You can click your computer button again and have an instant printout of all the activity for a particular patient during his stay. Were the patientís complaints justified? Were his familyís concerns viable? Just imagine how efficient you can make your hospital with this compilation of information.

Any way you look at it, Cumula offers the answers to your facility needs, and the advantage for every level of personnel, beginning with the patient and ending with administration. How long will you let your hospital go without the HCE advantage? Continue the tour to learn more about our exciting products.

Key Features

  • Supervised floor stations

  • Built-in system diagnostics

  • Modem interface for remote maintenance

  • Radio Paging interface

  • Easy installation and maintenance


  • And More ...


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