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Ring Communications Pro 700

Pro700 is the smallest system in the Ring-Master family, up to 40 subscripters, with a single speech channel. The full feature Pro700 is the first duplex intercom system on the market without a central exchange, providing a high degree of flexibility while installation remains cost effective.

Pro700- Features

Allows rapid contact between colleagues, particularly in hard to reach areas. Offers stations for any environment, such as desk top stations for the office, console mount stations for guard desks, wall stations, vandal proof stations and industrial IP64 rated stations with optional handsets and amplifiers. Pro700 is a microprocessor controlled communication system. It has no exchange, each station has a micro processor which controls and provides a wide range of features, easily programmable for each station. It's easy to install. The power supply and all stations are connected to a single two (three, if music distribution channel is required) pair telephone wire. The system has one speech path and separate high quality audio channel for background music or similar.  Main customer base includes office communication, light industry, shops and supermarkets, police and prisons, security applications etc.

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