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Advanced Desktop Paging System

The Visiplex VS3100 Advanced Pocket Paging System is ideal for cost effective, reliable communications. The VS3100 is available with an optional built-in paging transmitter that provides alphanumeric, numeric, tone-and-voice, or tone only messages for up to 1000 pagers. Messages can be initiated through the telephone, wireless devices, hard wired alarm points, automatically through a RS232 serial port interface (i.e. nurse call, building automation, security systems, and others) or through the integral keyboard. All programming functions and data are accessed via the keyboard and the information is displayed on the large Backlight LCD screen. The VS3100 pocket paging system is the perfect fit for low cost communication and notification solutions in the security and healthcare markets..


 - Includes console with built-in full-size keyboard and Backlight LCD display

 - 1000 pager capacity

 - Pages alphanumeric, numeric, tone-and-voice, and tone only pagers

 - Microprocessor based, compact unit with available built in transmitter

 - Individual, group call and Ordered Group paging capability

 - User-definable pager database

 - RS232 serial port interface (Visiplex, TAP, Free Text, etc. protocols)

 - 24 alarm points with user programmable text messaging capability


  • Internal 2W or 4W transmitter

  • Telephone line interface

  • 900MHz interface for wireless sensor interface

  • Alpha by phone (user programmable text messages initiated through the telephone)

  • Wide area paging capability

  • Additional built-in serial ports


 - Compact unit, all-in-one solution

 - Low cost, effective messaging and communications

 - Easy to install and operate

 - Flexible for customized applications and installations

 - User programmable for customized messages

 - Allow personnel to stay informed regardless of location


  • Serial Port: RS232 interface, TAP, COMP1, COMP2, Visiplex or other customized protocols, with user programmable serial parameters (300-19200 BPS).

  • 900MHz Devices: Up to 256 wireless devices can be programmed into the system database to initiate a pre-programmed alphanumeric page by the VS3100

  • Alarm Points: 24 Dry Contact Closures, or DC voltage level (externally expandable to 384)

  • Paging Format: Golay, Pocsag or 2-Tone for Alphanumeric, Numeric, Voice and Tone pagers

  • Modem: Built-in 2400 BPS modem for widearea paging, or remote Alphnumeric paging

  • Pager Capacity: 1000 pagers and/or groups

  • Telephone Interface: RJ-11 PABX single loop start line

  • Display: Graphic DSTN LCD with backlight

  • Keyboard: Full size, 86 key

  • CPU Design: Intel™ Microprocessor with 2MB RAM, with built-in memory power backup for up to 30 days.

  • Transmitter: 512bps/1200bps/2400bps 2-4 Watt internal, or 10-200 Watt external

  • Dimensions: 12" wide x 8" deep x 2" high



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