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Compact Packet Paging System

Visiplex VS6100 system is specifically designed to meet the needs of hospitals, large industrial plants, and other users who are required to manage a large pager population without a high price tag. The system's database is sophisticated yet easy to use and enables efficient management of the pager fleet. Send alphanumeric, numeric, tone-and-voice, or tone-only messages to up to 10,000 pagers. The VS6100 processes information from a variety of sources including; telephones, video display terminals, alarm points, or automatically through a RS232 serial port interface (i.e. nurse call, building automation, security systems and others). The VS6100 system is designed to operate within the most intensive communications environments with engineering integrity and software flexibility that addresses the user's current, as well as, future needs.


- Includes CPU, color monitor, keyboard, hard drive, and UPS

- 10,000 pager capacity

- Pages alphanumeric, numeric, tone and voice, and tone only pagers

- Individual and group call capability 8 RS232 serial ports

- Wide area paging capability 4 telephone line interfaces

- Interfaces with a variety of transmitters

- Alpha-by-phone (text messages initiated through the telephone)

- 24 alarm points with user programmable text messaging capability


  • Additional telephone line interfaces

  • Expanded alarm points

  • Expanded serial ports


- Increase response time of personnel by immediately notified in critical situations

- Log and track pager activity and messages in the system's database

- Multiple serial port capability saves money by eliminating additional pocket paging systems

- Allows personnel to stay informed regardless of location


  • Central Processor: Pentium Series Microprocessor

  • Serial Ports: 8 built-in RS232 ports

  • Parallel Ports: One printer port

  • Alarm Contact: 24 Dry Contact Closures alarm inputs

  • Paging Format: Golay, Pocsag, 2 Tone & 5/6 Tone

  • Pager Capacity: 10,000 Pagers

  • Telephone Lines: 4 Loop Start extension inputs

  • Dimensions: CPU: 9" wide x 16" deep x 17" high (Weight=41 lbs.) Monitor: 13" wide x 13" deep x 13" high (Weight=24 lbs.) Keyboard: 18" wide x 8" deep x 3" high (Weight=5 lbs.)


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